September 24, 2014


I used to be all about owning one fragrance so you are defined by that fragrance, but that has changed. My fragrance collection is slowly increasing. Here’s the current selection:

Viktor & Rolf – Spicebomb

The seduction in this smell is irresistible. Hot, spicy and manly, it gives the impression you’re ready to take on anything. Easily my go-to scent for a night out. You’ll attract what you give off.

Jean Paul Gauthier – Le Male

It’s a mix of mint, lavender and vanilla. It’s a subtle scent yet very distinctive. It’s the scent you wear when you’re looking to impress but not be in someone’s face. A first date scent for sure.

Tommy Bahama – Compass

It’s the right balance between citrus and wood–two of my favorite scents combined. It’s not too strong or overwhelming. It’s the right balance to hit the world on a daily basis. A little spritz will go a long way.


Vince Camuto – Homme

This scent is the combination of pressed citron, juniper berry, iced gin, French lavender, warm musk, cools spruce and atlas cedar feels very fresh. You cannot go wrong with it. It’s perfect for a dressed up occasion–one that involves a suit and tie.

Alesandr – Arquiste

With this scent, you smell refined. It’s for those very special occasion in which you want to impress with your intelligence. The scent is inspired by history, “January, 1837: ‘a frigid winter afternoon in St. Petersburg, Russia’,” – with neroli, fir balsam, Russian leather and ambrette.

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