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February 28, 2018

Topman | Muscle Sweater
Topman | Spray On Skinny Denim

Finding the right style denim for your body size sounds easy but many do not choose successfully. You want a style that is the most flattering, the most comfortable and the most stylish. I’m short and super skinny. If I wear anything style that shows some kind of wide leg or baggy nature, it makes me look every shorter and makes me look wider. I need to opt for super skinny. I love the Topman Spray On Skinny because it hugs all the right places yet I can completely move around with comfort. It’s my go to fit! I paired it with a muscle fit sweater to show off my upper body the same way my denim is showing off my lower. I love how it fits. I love how it looks. I feel amazing. Get the full look.

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