First Impressions

June 17, 2010

This summer I have had to make a lot of first impressions.

You never want to be the awkward person who makes a sexual innuendo. You never want to be the nervous person who has sweat coming from every area of their body. You never want to be the cocky person who believes he/she is better than everyone around them.

How can you assure to make a great first impression?

1. Smile.

Smiling goes a long way. It shows you have a warm and friendly personality—exactly the starting point for a great first impression.

2. Be confident with a firm handshake.

Feeling confident in yourself with show you are comfortable with who you are. It will not only radiate to the people around you, but it will also leave a lasting impression.

3. Remember names.

Forgetting a person’s name is the worst thing you could do. You look foolish. Clearly, you will not make a great first impression. Take the time to memorize the name. If repeating their name helps, say, “Hi ______. Nice to meet you.”

4. Strike up an interesting conversation.

Try to engage in a meaningful conversation—especially if you are networking. If you know something about the person you are talking to, show interest by talking about it. For example, if you read a great blog post by them, let them know.

5. End the conversation soundly.

Make sure you say, “Nice meeting you!” and mean it! An exchange of business cards should also happen. You will build up your network and you become on their radar.

6. Catch up with them in future.

Follow up with them by sending an email. You never know what opportunities could arise.

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