December 7, 2016

Dr. Denim | Shirt
Dr. Denim | Jeans
Ray-Ban | Sunglasses
Vans | Shoes
Richmond & Finch | iPhone Case (20% off with danchiz20)
Daniel Wellington | Watch (15% off with DANCHIZ)
Sudio Sweden | Headphones (15% off with DanChiz)


All black. Everyday. At least that’s my recent motto. I’ve embraced black. I’ve never been a fan because I felt like it dulled me out. But, I realized, my personality shines more powerfully when a bright color isn’t in your face. I come off less intense and more welcoming. Now everyone can love me.




If you are looking for the perfect holiday presents. Well, I have three right here! And the both have discount codes!

With the iPhone 7’s lack of headphone jack, it’s time to invest in Bluetooth headphones. Sudio Sweden are just the ones for everyone. The crisp sound and chic look makes them irresistible. Surprise a loved one with these babies. (15% off with DanChiz)




Sleek, modern and classic. This Daniel Wellington watch is the easy gift decision. I’m so glad I am becoming a watch fan. I have gone from never wearing a watch to wearing many throughout the week. Is it a sign of growing older? No. It’s a sign of knowing what’s up. (15% off with DANCHIZ)


I recently got an iPhone 7 and needed an upgrade on a phone case. Looking for the same or know someone else who does? There’a bunch of super super SUPER chic designs. I have been wanting a marble case ever since I saw Kim Kardashian with a marble laptop case. Dream do come true! (20% off with danchiz20)




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