November 17, 2017

Recently I spent some time at Russak Dermatology for an information consultation and a rejuvenating facial experience. It was my first facial ever. I was SUPER nervous. My skin is uber sensitive and I am not the biggest fan of people touching my face. Needless to say, I’ve strayed from this experience my who life. Never once thought about attempting. But, I knew I was in good hands with Russak. So I let down my guard and put my trust in the team. Spoiler alert: they killed it. My face felt so fresh and smooth the following days after the facial. It was a restart that I needed.

Here are some interesting things I learned that day:

  • Male skin is thicker than women’s skin. Using products made for women won’t seep into the skin–it just stays on the surface layers.
  • Because of our smartphone use and constantly looking down, we’re aging our necks a lot faster than they should. A great product to help slow down the aging is Nectifirm which has peptides that works with your skin to seep and protect.
  • It’s more important to find the cause than to treatment. For example, acne! You can treat all you want but until you find out the source of the problem, you’re not going to completely eradicate.

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