September 5, 2017

Ash & Erie | Shirt
ASOS | Pants (cut to shorts)
ASOS | Shoes

Let’s talk about finding a great fitting shirt off the rack. It’s almost as rare as spotting a unicorn. And it’s even more rare for shorter men. I’ve discussed the trials and tribulations of short thin men finding great fitting clothing. Well, there’s finally a brand that caters to the shorter guy: Ash & Erie. I was skeptical. I threw my arm into the first sleeve and slowly inserted my other into the left sleeve. It felt right. Typically, as your second arms reaches through the sleeve you know if a shirt will fit well. I has a feeling I was almost at the confirmation of a perfect fit. I buttoned each hole and I felt a relief. I have found a shirt that fits my arm length, my chest and my torso height. It was too good to be true. I tried other shirts by Ash & Erie and I repeated the same sequence of excitement. Shirts that fit without the need of a tailor. Sold.

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