September 9, 2017

Modern Map Art | Manhattan Print

I have an obsession with cities. I love traveling to new cities. I love exploring new concrete jungles. I love living as though as I’m a local. You’ll never see me as a tourist. I avoid anything tourist-y. If you catch me being a tourist, I was forced. So, when I began to think about my room décor, I naturally gravitated to a “city theme.” All around my room, I give an ode to my favorite cities.

I’ve been collecting prints over the years and you can see an array in the below photos. But, I just added a new one. It’s the largest print in my collection. Why? Because it’s my favorite of them all! I need it to be the biggest. I picked it up from Modern Map Art which has an array of city prints–not just NYC. I debated hanging it on the wall but I put leaned it against the wall just to set it aside while I figured out where to put it and I actually like the placement. It’s staying there.

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