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January 31, 2016



This past weekend I jetted off to Dallas for the Create & Cultivate conference. Spent the day with a lot of women. And I mean a lot. I kinda figured this prior to going into the weekend, but I did not realize the amount estrogen I would encounter. I met a lot of great people and saw a bunch of familiar faces.

This was my first time in Texas. It’s a state I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I’m happy that Dallas was the first city in Texas. Even though it was a short amount of time spent in the city, I felt at ease. A “Southern Boston” is the best way to describe Dallas. It’s small and charming yet you can see the hustle. I wish I was able to explore more, but that just means I need to visit again!




Whenever I visit a new city, I look forward to the cuisine. I spend hours upon hours researching the restaurants I will dine with friends. I read, Thrillist, Zagat, Yelp and OpenTable and compare notes. I finally land of the establishments I will stuff my belly. Here are three that I decided upon:


Filament is phenom. The atmosphere is very “Brooklyn” and the food lives up to my NYC standards. You could easily find this place packed in Williamsburg every night. The whiskey drinks were superb and the menu is beyond delicious. The stand out was actually a side dish. Are you ready? It was the mashed potatoes. Literally shoveled them into my belly with no regrets. Mama Chiz makes some damn-good mashed potatoes so I have high standards. These standards were met and loved and devoured.

18th & Vine

You can’t go to Texas without experience BBQ. It’s like a sin not to enjoy the cuisine of the south. After asking just about every local, I settled on 18th & Vine. The food was not amazing but the ambiance was chic. I don’t eat red meat so I was really looking forward to BBQ chicken. Well, they ran out. WOMP! The best dish from the evening: jalapeno cheese grits. Another side was the best dish, again! I was all over the cheese grits. I’ve never had real southern grits so I was in heaven. H.E.A.V.E.N.

Lark on the Park

I wanted a quick lunch close to my hotel. After scouring reviews, I chose Lark on the Park. My experience was less than appealing. The service was slow and the food was not the best. Why am I writing about the restaurant then? The presentation of the food was superb. Check my IG. You’ll see a chic flatlay of the spread. I loved the presentation. I also loved that I could eat outside in the middle of the winter. That was the win.



I’m pretty much obsessed with the look I wore to Create & Cultivate. I like the tonal gingham with the number printed shirt by bar III. Bar III doesn’t run in my size (womp) so I needed to get the shirt tailored. I used the new tailoring service, AirTailor. It’s seriously so each and convenient. You let them know what you want to get tailored. They send you a tailoring kit. You text them for directions to figure out how you want your item to fit. You pin the clothing and then send it their way in a prepaid package! In a short time, they mail you the finished product. Easy. No traveling. Everything convenient for you lifestyle. Check out AirTailor! Let me know if you use the service and how you enjoyed the experience! YASSSSSS!



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