Collared Greens

March 9, 2012

A new iPhone app launched this week and it’s called It’s really cool because you can spot style, document it and share it with the world.

Since I was attending the launch party for, I decided to stick close to my style roots…fitted clothing with a preppy edge.

I chose to wear my Nate Archibald sweater (as I call it) because in the Gossip Girl books, Blair gives Nate a forest green sweater with a gold heart stitched inside the sleeve. Ok, you can stop judging me because you know you love Gossip Girl too. I am just not ashamed to confess my love (and all the details I know) about it.

Add a knit tie and a chambray shirt to the look and we’re good to go! Also, Zac Efron wore chambray the same day I did, so I am pretty sure we’re meant to be.

Sweater | Uniqlo
Shirt | American Apparel
Tie | Uniqlo
Jeans | Forever 21
Socks | Forever 21
Shoes | Vans

And yes, I made a gif of what I am like when I shoot these looks! Please bear with me! This is my first gif attempt ever! They will be better in the future–I promise. Why not have a little fun with a gif!?

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