Cold Comfort

February 23, 2012

You know those days you feel a cold coming on and all you want to do is lie around and eat chicken soup? That’s kind of what I feel like. But alas, I need to go to work. How do I transfer this feeling into an outfit? Answer: go a more baggy, comfortable route.

I bought this chunky sweater awhile ago and had yet to find the perfect day to wear it–clearly that has changed. Since it’s a little loose and bulky, it seems fitting to wear it to feel comfy.

I even opted for…wait for it…straight leg pants (not super skinny? SHOCKING RIGHT?!?). I just wanted to feel super loose and not constricted in any means.

Now to relax and fight off this cold before it turns into something. I will not let that happen!

Sweater | Topman
T-Shirt (not shown) | Uniqlo
Pants | Club Monaco
Boots | Clarks
Socks | EMS
Necklace | Forever 21
Bag | Coach

PS: I liked this necklace because it reminded me of a mockingjay from the Hunger Games…#sorryimneversorry

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