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Lovely Beards line of natural beard balm are perfect for any type of facial hair or skin. With their line of products, you will be able to help grow your facial hair so it has the kind of look you have always wanted. Caring…

January 27, 2017
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The weather has been a little chaotic with it's ups and downs of temperature. Unfortunately, the heavy coat has been taken out. This year's style is ready for any terrain. You can see me hitting the concrete of the streets of New York or…

December 27, 2016
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Every year it's the same routine. My apartment is hot during the summer months because my windows are huge and the sun beams through them all day. It's literally scorching. Some mornings I wake up dripping in sweat. It's honestly horrible. I hate being…

November 16, 2016
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Winter is coming. When you live in NYC you know what that means: no control over your heat. It’s the worst. The heat is cranked up all the way and blasts your apartment. It’s dry and irritating. The heat in my room is directly…

November 15, 2016
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I spend the majority of my weekdays in West Chelsea. That area used to be factories and not a very residential area. Now that Hudson Yards is being built, the High Line graces the area and many new residential buildings are scraping the sky,…

November 3, 2016
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Red Diamond Mysterious Red Red Diamond Chardonnay With the Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) is around the corner, it’s time to prep for your party essentials: drinks! A nice little spin for the Day of the Dead is the Day…

October 26, 2016
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Shirt | US Blanks Jeans | Dr. Denim Shoes | Vans On October 8, at Florence’s Opera Theater the movie “Inferno”, starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard, will premiere worldwide. The film, based on the best selling novel by Dan Brown, was…

October 11, 2016
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I love a good sweater and shorts pairing. There are not many times a year you can wear the combo. It's the perfect transitional look. So when I can don these two articles, I jump to sport this look. I chose this

September 27, 2016