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#photoaday December 2012 Part II

And part II for my #photoaday challenge is going…semi-strong. Missed a bunch of days but I’m trying! Actually can’t wait for it to be over. I just want to post naturally! Lesson learned.…

December 21, 2012
Social Media

#photoaday December Part I

I’ve always wanted to do #photoaday and I’ve decided to follow along for the whole month of December. Mouse over the images below to see what I had to take a photo of……

December 9, 2012
Entertainment Social Media

Internet Meme-d

I can’t wait for the new HBO show, “Girls”! It’s going to be quirky and fun and everything I like about TV so obviously I will be watching. On the Facebook page for the show, you can create your own internet meme. I couldn’t…

March 22, 2012
Social Media

Gift Guide: Social Media Geek

Well it’s finally December and if you haven’t already started to think about holiday presents, now’s the time! Since, I’m such a good person, I am going to write a few gift guides. This first one is for the social media geek (aka me).…

December 1, 2011
Social Media Style

Twitter Bracelet: Is It Overkill?

As everyone knows, I’m a social media addict–which is a complete understatement. I (honestly) mentally think “@ [insert name]” whenever I begin to type someone’s name in everyday writing (not just Twitter). I may or may not actually (purposely accidentally) type the “@” symbol.…

November 16, 2011
Social Media

Easily My Favorite Badge

It’s official–Foursquare has made a badge dedicated to me. I mean who else loves Foursquare and Harry Potter as much as I do? Clearly, Foursquare was thinking of me when they created this badge especially since it includes my tattoo and favorite colors. It’s…

July 18, 2011
Entertainment Social Media

Literally Shaking in Anticipation

My tattoo is burning. In about a week, JK Rowling will make an announcement. A website, Twitter account, YouTube have already been made. I seriously have no clue what to expect but all I know is that it is probably epic to have all…

June 16, 2011
Brands Social Media

The Dramatic Summer

The European telecom Orange creates a dramatic movie-voiceover for all tweets that start with #thissummer. I decided to test it out and it came out better than I could ever hope. Listen Here: #thissummer…

June 13, 2011