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But First, Coffee

June 3, 2014


I need coffee. Like need coffee. Every morning. Without a doubt. Although I have cut it out of my weekend mornings (most of the time) and just replaced it with mimosas (you’re welcome). But, making my own coffee to allow a smile to grace my face is key. I don’t need a machine that only makes pots (because I’m one person) and I think the machine’s with the cups are horrible for the environment and just a waste in general. Bye Felicia. I’m a fan of the Brim station. Here’s why…


1. There is no need for k-cups or any kind of cup at all. Better for the environment and better for your wallet.
2. There is a built in filter. Another way it’s helping the environment.
3. You can use your own coffee!
4. You can make a single cup, a travel cup or a full pot. Just fill the coffee up the right line in the filter and click what size you want.
5. A cup is ready in literally 60 seconds. Quickest way to a smile.


I’m a fan of Brim. Stay tuned for tomorrow. You’ll have a chance to win one for yourself.


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