Breezy Cool

November 28, 2011

Aren’t you loving the cool weather still? No snow. No freezing cold. Just cool air. You can still wear fall looks without getting frostbitten! I especially love not wearing socks with my shoes!

Since the weather is channeling early fall but the real time frame is almost winter I decided to combine light and dark colors. I like how the contrast plays off each other. Please note: I am wearing sunglasses. I love it and you should too.

Jacket | Topman
Shirt | H&M
Scarf | Forever 21
Pants | Topman
Shoes | Vans
Bag | Jack Spade
Sunglasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs

I even brought my new Jack Spade bag out to play! I’m quite obsessed with the look and portability of the bag. It’s basically a pimped out laptop bag. I can fit all of my electronics in the bag and yet it remains thin and clean. Perfection.

Can’t go anywhere without an arm full of bracelets!

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