July 10, 2017

I’m still in the beginning of my fitness journey but I wanted to share my progress. It’s now been a little over six months (I started in January) that I began to change my body. I’ve always been the short, super skinny guy. I was 110 pounds at the age of 18. I graduated college at the same weight and I only gained 5 pounds through my 20s. At the age of 28, I weighed the most I have ever weighed: 115 pounds. I’ve always wanted to stay like that though. I wanted to be super skinny but toned. I went to the gym about 3-4 times a week but did minimal lifting/exercise. It literally was just to stay toned. But, I hit a plateau and I also realized that I wanted more. I wanted to be fit and muscular.

Starting January 1, 2017, I began the journey. I am not one to harbor on New Year’s resolutions. I also don’t think that this was one of them. It just coincided at the same time. Six months later, I now weigh 135 pounds and still maintain the same waist size. I can’t look in the mirror without seeing change. It’s rewarding to know the effort I’ve put in has created a results. When I commit to something, I commit. It’s not easy, but I continue to work hard for the results.

I’m an ectomorph. That means it’s hard for me to gain weight. Ectomorphs have super-fast metabolisms that burn calories almost too efficiently. This basically prevents me from putting on weight easily. Good problem to have, right? Yes, but it just means I have to work even harder to gain muscle mass. This brings me to why I wanted to start to write about my fitness journey. There’s not a lot out there for ectomorphs. The majority of fitness information is about weight loss and muscle shaping. I need healthy weight gain and muscle building. Since there is minimal out there, I decided that I should talk about what has been working for me. I am no way an expert and every person is different but I want to share what I’ve been doing. I’ve seen great results (at least that’s how I feel when I look in the mirror) and it continues to work. Why not divulge?

I’m going to start to post on the supplements I use, the diet I abide by, the lifting routines I use and much more! I’m really excited for this new journey and I’m excited to share along the way. This is literally just the beginning and I’m already proud of how far I have come.

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