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October 3, 2015

Photo Sep 26, 3 20 25 PM

My bestie (since HS!) celebrated her birthday at the Beer, Bacon & BBQ fest on Long Island. I am OBSESSED with bacon and I have a love for beer so I was down to chug and stuff my face. And boy did I chug! Didn’t stuff my face as much but I did go to town with everything I could get my hands on.

Photo Sep 26, 1 56 28 PM

Photo Sep 26, 4 54 32 PM

Photo Sep 26, 2 04 27 PM

I have a new fave jam…beer bacon. I am literally obsessed with Bespoke Bacon. Not only was their bacon DELICIOUS AND ORGASMIC, but every other product had a punch of flavor that has ruined my taste pallete…because nothing else will come close. My jar is almost gone and I’ve had it for less than a week.

Bacon Mac & Cheese was also amazing. Went back for seconds…ok, fine…thirds… SHHHHHHH

Photo Sep 26, 3 51 12 PM

Photo Sep 26, 4 46 59 PM

Photo Sep 26, 2 54 51 PM

I think you’ll be find me at more festivals. I kinda loved this.

Photo Sep 26, 4 11 39 PM

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