Because I’m Meant to Be a CEO

September 30, 2010

Thanks to @ericleist, I am now obsessed with an up and coming social media trend, Pongr. Pongr combines my love of becoming an mayor in Foursquare with my need to TwitPic my life.

When you use Pongr, you move up the career ladder for your favorite brands. The first time you TwitPic something from your favorite brand and send it to Pongr, you start off as a intern;  you only move up as you send more photos. You receive shares to the company and compete against others to become the CEO.

Only a little over a hundred people use it, so it is still a baby, but I think the idea is genius. I’m already having so much fun and I have only been using it since Tuesday. I really hope it takes off. I encourage everyone to join and friend me on it!

I already started my quest to become the CEO of these brands:



Club Monaco


Fun Fact: I actually had drinks with the creator at midnight of my 22nd birthday at Eastern Standard in Boston. Weird, right?

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  • Reply Jenna September 30, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    It’s cute that you think you can rival me for CEO of Blackberry, biddy. 😉

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