Beauty: Grooming

December 26, 2012

Next up in my “beauty series” is all about my grooming. It takes a lot of products to make me look decent.

Gel | Bangstyle

Bangstyle’s Fiber Gel is literally the best gel I have ever used. The consistency isn’t too thick and it doesn’t dry super hard. You can mold your hair easily to obtain the perfect look. I love perfection and it helps my hair achieve it.

Hairspray | TRESemme

I just spray a tiny bit of TRESemme’s Super Hold because it actually gives a super hold. Not much needed to keep the hair in place while I travel about in the morning.

Shave Gel | Eshu

Even though I’m rocking a scruffy beard lately, I used to clean up with the help of Eshu Shave Gel. I love that it doesn’t foam up. It just keeps a nice clean layer over your skin. It also has an amazing smell to it. It’s not the typical “manly” scent in all products for men. The plant extracts keeps the skin from irritating which is what I usually despise about shaving.

Razor | Gillette

Gillette Fusion Power is the smooth glide I’ve experienced. The 5 blades + the vibration help to keep cuts from happening yet get super close. I haven’t used it in a while because I’m trying to rock a beard but I will never give this razor up.

Trimmer | Braun

I’ve gone through many trimmers and this one is here to stay. Braun’s Cruzer is easy to use and the best way to maintain the perfect length for facial hair. I’ve never successfully kept a beard trim until this device. Sad but true.

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