December 22, 2016

H&M | Shirt
Dr. Denim | Jeans
Away | Luggage
Oppermann | iPhone Case
CG&D | Shoes
Urbanears | Headphones

Meet your new travel companion for the holiday season. Wait. Your new companion for travel forever. The Away luggage is functional as it is beautiful. The second I came across Away, I has a slight obsession. For someone who travels a ton, I need a carry-on that works for me. It fits multiple looks, shoes and accessories. I like having options when I travel. I like being able pack clothing that all work together so I am not stuck in one pre-planned look for each day. With Away’s carry-on, I am fit a ton of looks. I can easily have 8-10 different outfits. It is the BEST. PLUS, the luggage has a builtin in charger. No need to sit near an outlet in the airport. My luggage can charge my phone with a USB plus. Sold for life.

I love the convenience of traveling with wireless headphones. Since I have intense pain in my ears when flying, I have to wear pressure equalizers in my ears. The only way to listen to music or watch TV is with the style of Urbanears headphones. Prior to having them, flying was the worst. Hours without entertainment. My only way to get through flights was to sleep through them completely. It was exhausting.

I also need a comfortable outfit to travel. A t-shirt and jeans is my fave. I threw on my new CG&D cruelty-free sneakers. Vegan leather and newly designed micro-fiber suede in a multitude of colors, styles and prints that are pretty awesome to sport. I have another pair which you’ll see in the near future.

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