July 24, 2017

H&M | Shirt
Cotton On | Shorts
Greats | Shoes
Coastal | Sunglasses

I find myself unexpectedly creating a summer uniform. Basically, I wear a different variation of the same look. This summer, a short sleeved shirt with cut-off denim shorts, tube socks, sunglasses and sneakers is the winner. Each piece can vary in color in each look, but for the majority of the summer around NYC, I’m wearing this outfit. If you pay attention to my IG Stories, you know when I’m on Fire Island, I’m not wearing a shirt. Never sorry.

But, of the 4 pieces that complete the look, there is one item that I have found myself wearing consistently the same exact pair and not rotating with others. And that is my shoes. The Greats Royal Nero is hands down my shoe of the summer. It goes with every single one of my looks. It’s clean. It’s chic. It’s modern. It’s 100% my style. Prepare to receive a lot of compliments because they are the epitome of freshness.

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