October 4, 2017

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I’ve mostly divulged my supplements and diet. Now, it’s time to move onto my workouts. I’m going to slowly introduce my workouts for each body part. I have more than one per body part to change things up! I’ll link to video so you know how to do the workout.

1. Bicep Curls – Basic but gets the job done!
2. Overhead Extension – At first I had a hard time doing these. I could barely do 10lbs. Now, I’m at 45lbs.
3. Wide EZ Bar Curl – These are my favorite to do. Started at 25lbs and now at 65lbs.
4. Tricep Extension – These babies burn. I’m still working on a low weight. It’s just hard to use these muscles in this position.
5. Hammer Curls – I usually do these sitting down.
6. Tricep Pull Down – Everyone should know how to do these. These are quite standard but effective.
7. Arnold Curls – Decrease the weight you typically use for bicep curl and try this lift. It’s tough but feels so good.

All 3 sets of 10. If I feel extra, I do 3 sets of 15.

Note: I alternate between bicep and tricep to get that muscle a break. Try to keep it in that format so you can keep momentum.

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