5 Things You May Not Have Known About Twitter

September 24, 2010

I have been noticing for a while that some people are not aware of some basic Twitter knowledge. So, I decided to explain it:

1. If you start a tweet with an @ reply, the only people who see that tweet are those who also follow the person you @ replied. For example, if you tweet “@danchiz follow him,” the only people who see that tweet are those who already follow me; therefore, defeating the purpose of the tweet.

2. If you are private, using hashtags and @ replying celebrities or people who do not follow you is pointless. No one can see your tweets unless they follow you. Hence, why they do not reply or why you do not show up in searches for the hashtag. Use Twitter for what it is meant for–engaging. Make yourself public.

3. If you want people to retweet your tweet the old way (“RT @…”) then make sure you leave enough space for them to. For example, if I want people to retweet, I need to leave 11 characters free (RT @danchiz = 11 characters); therefore, I can only use 129 characters to compose my tweet.

4. Not everyone reads or sees all your tweets. Make sure to give specific details in each tweet. For example, if you are an event and tweet about it, use the hashtag for the event so people know what you are talking about instead of just saying “That speaker was great.”

5. If you @ reply “hi” to someone, that’s not worthy of a tweet. You should DM them that. Otherwise, you are clogging everyone’s feed. I know I do not reply to those tweets unless there are more information attached.

Very basic knowledge but a lot people still do not know it. Hope now you are aware!

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