10 Tweeting Misconceptions

April 12, 2010

I’m not the perfect tweeter and I sometimes fall for these misconceptions, but I’ve come to realize a lot of people do not know how to tweet. Some people tweet too often, others about useless information and a select few think they are gods and everyone wants to know every facet of their life. Here are misconceptions to avoid when tweeting:

1. Everyone has read your previous tweets.

Even though you want everyone to read every tweet you put out into the Twitterverse, it does not always work that way. Either people do not check their Twitter often enough or they follow so many people that they cannot keep track. Whatever the reason, make sure you give enough information in each tweet.

Ex. “That was the best sushi” replace with “I had the best sushi at _____.”

2. Tweeps needs to know every aspect of your life.

Some parts of your life are not worthy of a tweet. Although you think it is important, it might not be. Of course, if you are going to some special restaurant or show, go ahead and tweet about it. If you are snacking on your favorite candy while relaxing, you probably do not need to inform the world.

Ex. “I am eating Twizzlers” is not a good tweet. “I am cheering on the Terriers at the Beanpot and hope they crush BC” is a great tweet.

3. Your followers have the same interests as you.

If tweeps do not click the links to your articles or postings or do not @ reply your tweets, it is OK. Everyone has interests in different subjects. See what others are tweeting about and generate conversation that way.

4. Private tweets are always private.

Even though you want your tweets seen by only the people you allow follow you, sometimes, that is not the case. You may block your tweets because you want to have the freedom to speak inappropriately without the worry of future employers seeing them. However, everyone does not set tweets to private. Tweeps could retweet your tweet whether appropriate or not.

5. Tweeting often will generate a following.

It does not matter how many times you tweet. If you do not interact with your following or reach out to others, you will not create a reason for people to follow you. I know I will unfollow anyone who does not respond to my @ replies. They are not putting the effort into fostering a Twitter-ship with me, so no need to continue trying to interact with them.

6. Twitter is a place to chat with friends.

You should reply to your friends’ tweets if you believe they posted something interesting and you want them to know. If it develops into a conversation that clogs everyone’s Twitter feed, it is time to take the talk to another form of communication such as text, BBM or IM.

7. Thanking people for following you through auto-DMs makes you seem grateful.

Thanking through auto-DMs actually conveys a sense of superiority. It is the first impression your new followers have of you and you shove an impersonal message in their face. Basically, you are saying, “Hi, you are just another follower and I probably will not pay attention to you.” Plus, auto-DMs are really annoying.

8. Using a trending topic in your tweet will create a readership.

This is not always true. If your tweet is relevant to the trending topic then it could possibly get picked up as a retweet. However, if you add a trending topic just to get your tweet seen, it is tricking everyone and will not get read because it is irrelevant to what the public wants to read about.

9. A sarcastic tone always pulls through.

If you use sarcasm in your tweet, you must make it clear. It’s nothing worse than having people think that you actually like when people walk slowly in front of you.

10. Exclamations without a reason are necessary.

Something traumatic has happened to you and you want to tweet about it. Unless you want the world to know all the details, you should not tweet about it. Tweeting, “OMG!” or “That is crazy!” are pointless tweets. They give no substantial details and no one wants to see them on their feed.

Best advice I can give: Think before you Tweet.

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    Good post Dan!
    Though I believe some of the rules depend on what your purpose is on twitter…

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